venerdì 10 dicembre 2010

devon&devon new istanbul showroom

istanbul - Devon&Devon’s new flagship store is located in the levent area, an interesting blend of traditional architecture and futuristic skyscrapers, in the heart of the most well-known, elite luxury shopping districts of the turkish city. for its debut on the turkish market, the florentine brand has opted for a location in the “new” istanbul on the european side of the bosphorus: a city reminiscent of the belle epoque with a yearn for glamour and night life and also the preferred location of world-renowned jewellery producers and the best hotels, a bustling hub of business and trade set against the backdrop of ancient constantinople with splendid mosques and a skyline dotted with domes and minarets. 


the entire restructuring and interior decoration project of the Devon&Devon flagship store, the brand’s largest to-date, was entrusted to dara kirmizitoprak, a successful architect in the area who has been working for many years in the city and renowned in turkey for the mould-breaking design of various shopping centres, stores, spas and villas. “i can honestly say that the Devon&Devon istanbul showroom is one of my most precious projects. every single product is a piece of the same puzzle. the perfect harmony between the products supported this project a lot. the city of istanbul itself was enough to give inspiration – kirmizitoprak says – with its feminine, but strong and matured character, has sheltered great empires. she has the natural charm which absolutely fits with Devon&Devon’s elegance”.

the most striking feature of the design of the Devon&Devon showroom is the original reinterpretation of the environment in modern style: a 300-sq. m space that traces a path through the best products of the brand. the entire building is characterised by use of high prestige materials, reflected in the façade lined with grey wood panelling above an elegant black granite plinth.
with a genial touch of inspiration, in designing the interior decoration of the store, kirmizitoprak decided to use the materials of the Devon&Devon catalogue to showcase the products in an extremely effective and striking manner and to clearly delineate the various areas. the ground floor, in a seamless sequence of spaces, is dedicated exclusively to the collections, while the first floor houses a vast technical space, with a generously-sized meeting room and large display areas with a complete selection of products. “i tried to use most of the collection in different settings – kirmizitoprak says – in order to help the imagination of the end user. this also allowed me to use as many products as possible”. 

the showroom traces a path through the many solutions proposed by Devon&Devon: the atelier, lambris and simply ceramics, the patina high prestige leather flooring, as well as the intarsia and wood collections. “wood is always my favorite. it gives breath and soul to the place. on the other hand, to be able to combine wood, ceramic and leather was a big advantage. i was so excited to use tiles and mosaics as well, which even alone were enough to demonstrate the characteristic of its periods”. 

a special space has also been dedicated to home boutique, the new, exclusive personal and home care collection of fabrics, accessories, soft furnishings and cosmetics.
with its debut in turkey, Devon&Devon continues to operate with great success according to a retail formula that, in just a few years, has promoted expansion of its business to a large range of international markets.



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